It all has started many years ago. I found out that Grunge music is fucking helpful thing. I would even say that it helped me to stay alive:) So, Guys, like Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam, I want to thank You. We' are still alive!!!

My goal is to give You The Spirit, that I received, through listening to all Greatest Grunge Artists. Artists, You can find at The Radio Grunge Station.

The idea itself, to open the Internet Radio Station, came to me, precisely, at New Zealands Liquor Store. I was getting back from the pool, in New Zealands beautiful town, Queenstown, with my friend, and we pop in the little store, to buy a cold beer.

The first thing I heard in the store was Alice In Chains, coming from the speakers. So I got into the little conversation with the owner and found out that it was his radio, the local radio with rock/ grunge music. Then, we started to argue about one song that sounded to me like Stone Temple Pilots, but it was Alice in Chains. I was so sure it was STP that I wanted to bet. Anyway, I lost the bet and lost the beer!! But! The owner said to me: I dont want your beer! I want You to go back to Poland and start your own Radio Station!

That was it. So I did it! In Poland, to have your own Local, legal, Radio Station is not as easy as it is in New Zealand. So the answer was Web Radio Station. And I want to add that Web Radio Station doesnt mean worse Radio Station. I mean, You cant listen to it in your car for example, but I am pretty sure it is gonna change soon.

We are IT Generation! We surf the Web!, And we gonna take It everywhere! Into our kitchens, our cars, our self phones! And wherever we are taking it, we are taking The Radio Grunge Station with Us!

Thank You!

The Owner

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